Bis Industries is an Australian logistics and materials handling company that provides a range of services to the mining, construction, and oil and gas industries. The company has recently been in the news due to its enterprise agreement, which has caused controversy and led to a dispute with the Transport Workers Union (TWU).

An enterprise agreement is a legally binding agreement between an employer and its employees that sets out terms and conditions of employment. It is negotiated and agreed upon through a process of collective bargaining between the employer and employee representatives. The agreement must comply with the Fair Work Act 2009 and must be approved by the Fair Work Commission.

The Bis Industries enterprise agreement has been under negotiation for several years and was finally approved by the Fair Work Commission in December 2020. However, the TWU has raised concerns about the agreement, claiming that it will lead to a reduction in wages and conditions for Bis Industries workers.

Some of the key changes in the enterprise agreement include the removal of overtime rates for working on weekends and public holidays, reduced redundancy payments, and changes to rostering arrangements. The TWU argues that these changes will lead to a significant reduction in the take-home pay of Bis Industries workers and will make it harder for them to balance work and family life.

Bis Industries has defended the enterprise agreement, stating that it is necessary to remain competitive in the current economic climate. The company has stated that the changes will allow it to operate more efficiently and will help to secure the long-term viability of the business.

The dispute between Bis Industries and the TWU highlights the importance of enterprise agreements in setting terms and conditions of employment. It also highlights the challenges faced by employers and employees in negotiating agreements that balance the needs of the business with the needs of workers.

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